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Went to gym with Marie for the first time in aaaaages last night, had a good sesh, and then dins in'Spoons and a good chin wag. We are hoping to do a lot more next week!

Today has been really full-on. Post Ebays on the way to work, buy a card and post it as I get to work, meeting at 11 with a major corporation, which went v well, lunch with a client, another meeting in the afternoon, which also went well, and a constant barrage of emails and phone calls. But I love being busy, I perform exceptionally well at work under fire! Then a mad dash to meet the lovely Dawnie for an early supper in Covent Garden. I had quite forgotten how bloody lovely beef stroganoff is. Yummy

Treat tonight was the opera! The Barber of Seville. The deal was via Opera Undressed, and for £20 you get best seats in the house (worth £89), a pre-performance talk about the production, an outline of the opera's story in advance and a complimentary Sipsmith and Fever-Tree gin and tonic at a post-show party with the cast. Well worth it! However, we had 3 bottles of wine, which was.........overdoing it!

Home late, cats slightly cross, LOL!

I am becoming increasingly upset at the animal support stuff that I see on a daily basis. Some cruelty, some neglect, some just plain bad luck. A lot of disgusting farming and slaughterhouse practice. I have plenty of upset in my life already, so I'm going to have to re-evaluate and probably adjust how much I see, because in all honesty, I can't bear it at the moment. Although I shall continue to financially contribute and campaign hard.


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