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Back is killing me and sleeping really badly. Stress.

At least I have the office bod back tomorrow, so just down to doing one person's work at work. And just another month left of doing 2 people's work at home, which isn't long at all reeeeeeallllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy. 3 months this year. Actually, more, as I do a lot more than the lion's share. But no matter, proves I can do it all myself, although I shouldn't be forced to of course. Some people think they live in Downton and are the Lord!

I was going to have a complete night off last night, but ended up sorting out a load of his washing and then had a long, upsetting call (feature of my life at the moment) with a lovely friend, and then started the Great Kitchen Bleach n Tidy. That'll take a week, doing it after work in the evenings. I only redecorated it last year, but if you keep piling shit up in it, it ends up terrible. And it has.

Despairing at the moment, and very blue. Really really down. Talk of grand gestures just makes me cringe, even the tiniest of gestures can't be managed. But I'll crack on with what needs doing regardless. It's a good distraction.

Tomorrow will be good, and so tomorrow I genuinely have something to look forward to. Everything else can just stew in it's own juice.


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