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Hurrah for Friends

Esp Tony and Sarah, who dashed to my rescue on Saturday, and got the boiler going again. I really am incredibly grateful. And to Margs, for the wonderful Brian Sewell book, The White Umbrella, which is about a posh bloke who rescues a donkey. Naturally, I read it in his cut-glass hissy queen voice, and of course, it was about him, albeit not exactly autobiographical in nature. But a beautiful little book, which I devoured in two chunks, and cried at the end. I feel even sadder about his passing in real life now.

The great bathroom project has won me much approval (online), and just a few touch ups to be done now. I am actually quite pleased with the result. It was a lot of effort, and some cost, and a great deal of time.

Rod back for a few hours, which was fine. Ended badly with his inability, or perhaps not giving a shit about the very large chunks of time he spends away from home, expecting me to pick up his slack, both in terms of work and money, whilst he's away. He's making himself quite wealthy, at my expense. That will change. His very laughable and feeble attempt to explain the non-existent "benefits" I don't actually get, from doing everything he doesn't, whilst being dumped on my own a great deal, have enraged me. And I intend to do something about that.

Debs offered to take me out tonight, but I'm just shattered. I've a gym date with Marie tomorrow and the opera, Barber of Seville no less, with Dawnie on Weds, with a bit of supper thrown in. Although I'm very tired and feeling exceedingly stressed and unappreciated, I shall put my best foot forward.

Apparently I use too much fabric conditioner. I think we can all work out the answer to that one!


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