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I am done (in)

It's taken me the best part of two weeks to do the bathroom, stoically tackling it almost every night after work, and at weekends. Now there's just a few touch ups and some cleaning up to do. I had no bloody idea it would take me so long, or cost me so much. But there it is, virtually done. Rod disappointed that I haven't been doing anything exciting. Not nearly as disappointed as me, but somebody has to do the thinngs that need doing. They don't do themselves. Unless you're called Rod and getting paid to do something you want to do anyway!

Tonight the boiler decided to expire and the rose arch decided to collapse. He can sort both of those on Sunday, meanwhile I'm wrapping up warm.

It really has been a tough fortnight one way or another. My reward is 12 hours with him, and that includes eating, washing and sleeping time. Not a lot, is it.

However, yet again, my friends have been my salvation. I've managed to scrap togather some time with them, and feel blessed for it. Kate and The Ivy on Monday, not to mention copious champagne and mojitos, remind me of what life's about. On that note, I am extremely distressed having been on the receiving end of some very bad news earlier this week.

Plusses are, lots of travel planning, which I love doing *grin*


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