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Sep. 19th, 2015

Every day this week I've had Ebays to post, after parcelling, a full days work (and it's v v busy, and I'm on my own) and then I come home, have a bath and start working again. Because of the vast quantities of crap we have in our home, it's incredibly difficult, and I have to keep just moving things round and round whilst cleaning an painting. It's slow and laborious. But it really does need doing. Rod has never picked up a paint brush in this house in 8 years. Another job the fairies do I imagine. He had the cheek to say it was my bathroom, as I spent more time in it. Shame there's so much of his crappola everywhere then innit! But that's changing.

On top of that, the usual run of cooking, cleaning, washing etc. I can tell you it's been NO fun at all.

However, did have a fun time with the girls in Camden last night. Just wine n pizza, but he had a great laugh! I left at 10 as I had to get up and crack on again this morning, they did a 2am jobbie!

Was supposed to go out tonight, but I'm on my knees with tiredness, and I'll be in bed before 11.

Boo enjoying Bled with the Army, we've spoken a couple of times and texts every day, which has actually been nice. A bit like the old days :)

Mum is coming on really well. She's still got it bandaged and is on a gazillion pills. Still in pain and sleeping a lot, but she sounds a lot better, and she's off the fags! I'm SO pleased!

Really hoping I can get this bathroom mostly finished by tomorrow.


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