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Sep. 13th, 2015

What a busy one!

Up at 6am on Saturday, gym and drop off a couple of bags at the charity shop, back home for a bath, change and zoom into London, firstly to pick up my mobile, which I'd left at work, and then to meet up with Emily, neice from Oz.

Had a wonderful day with Ems. She got an original 50's gingmham full skirt £12 from one of the vintage places in Brick Lane. I got a dress from Bitsch Kitsch only £18, and it's OOAK! A beautiful moth necklace £10, and from the Collectif sale, top £6 reduced from £25, dress £13 reduced from £55 and best of all, dress £24 reduced from £95! Took her for lunch in Smiths and we had a jug of sangria outside a tapas place, and basically did Shoreditch, Spitalfields and Brick Lane. It's such fun shopping with somebody who really likes the same things as you :)

Home, quick change and had my slave over until 11pm, which was great, really enjoyed myself, but my feet were dropping off at this stage.

Up early this morning for a trip to Homebase for my decorating project, of which I've had time to do precisely none so far.

A ten minute meander in glorious autumnal sunshine brought me to our regular Sunday lunch location, Larry had already arrived and we chatted outside awhile, until the remaining lunchers arrived and ordered from the bar before joining us outside. Margs provided several jars of hney and jam for us to help ourselves to.

We were much smaller in number than usual, a third of our usual size, seven in all, and a motley crew to boot! An hotel manager, an architect, a shop manager, an IT consultant, taxi driver, PA and as purveyor of adult entertainment. Our commonality is fetish and middle age, although we rarely discuss either, apart from ongoing age-related health disorders, which we relish.

The bijou number allowed most of us to indulge on the many topics brought up. Corbyn, diets, pissplay, joint holiday adventures, burns, dogs, the NHS, lesbians, cars and naturally, the weather. Our gossipy highlight was the falling-out of two of our devotees, over the alleged growing of cannnabis in somebody else's garden. Followed by a discussion on who over-orders according to munch rules, and doesn't pay their fair share. We are, I have to say, terribly British, even our adopted colonnial. If you were to sit close to our table, you'd never guess that we are terribly naughty, and enjoy beating people, having or being slaves and dressing up in outlandish outfits, being creatures of the night. We look like a jolly sensible lot. And perhaps we actually are.

Pete and Mandy are the lovebirds, constantly holding hands and double checking everything with each other, it's sweet. Debbie, Susie and self are the dirty smokers, and nip out between courses to get our nicotine fix. Debbie, Susie, Margs and Mandy are females of the sub persuasion, although four more un-alike women you'd be hard pressed to find. And Larry, although known to us, was the new boy, and he slotted right in. New people are sometimes a problem when you have a large clique of friends who've known each other for a while, I do sometimes wonder if we look like a closed shop from the outside?

I try to be a good hostess and chat to everybody, but I've had a very full on weekend, and felt tired and bloated. However, that certainly didn't prevent me from joining in the animated conversations. And I enjoyed it, I always do, the breaking of bread and wine with friends is always a wonderful thing. The chief regret being unable to invite people back as I had so much to do, a shame, as the house is particularly tidy! But I can't complain at a 3 hour lunch :)

Home, and lots has sold on Ebay, pleased about that, so spent some of this evening parcelling, and that means an early trip to the shop in the morning.


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