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I can see via the powers of FB, friend's weddings, engagements, honeymoons, and unfortunately I am very envious. For me, after 9 years, still no house, no ring and no plans. And I feel, in my heart, until there are some concrete plans, I am just me, and that's that. Nine years is a very long time to give to anybody, especially under exceptionally trying conditions.

That having been said, we are making the effort, at least in words. What transpires in deeds from his end remains to be seen. It's all very well saying he'll marry me and he'll get help etc, but I need to see actions, not just hear words. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, but I'm not on it. I am very very optimistic and hopeful that things will change, but also very prepared for them not changing. I can and I will make it on my own, I am unafraid. I've been there before. My heart is open, but so are my options. As yet, we are not yet a couple again, but maybe.

In really good news, Mum has been discharged to the care of the more local hospital today, after a 10 day sojourn at St Thomas's. I can't say what a bloody relief that is, and that she's coming home with both feet intact! Dad has been a saint.


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