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Aug. 11th, 2015

Rod came over tonight, with moving boxes. He said, to pack, rather than me throwing stuff out the window. I pointed out that I'd only done that once, and compared to the multiple times he'd lied and cheated, he was exceedingly lucky. And he is, but he prefers to play hard done by. And so be it, his choice, it just reinforces my decision. Lack of any emotional literacy isn't an endearing feature.

And then, I had a real blast from the past via the powers of FB. It transpired that a chef I used to work with, prolly 20 years ago now, is a friend of a mutual friend. So we had a wee chat, and I was very flattered. I'm still upset and crying, but it was nice to hear something good for a change. I've been run down by that man for too long.

Dins with Shani tomorrow, which I'm looking forward to. Gym with Marie on Weds, and they've asked me to dinner afterwards, which means Thursday I have to stess about what to wear on Friday. I have 3 plays lined up already, Greg n Ian are coming, and you know what...........MissP will be back in fucking business.

Ironically, we met when I was doing a double fisting demo, and we shall part on virtually the same, HA! And we met on my 40th and parted on his 49th. Curious! But what will be, will be.


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