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An odd, but good weekend.

Rod turned up on the dorrstep early on Friday, which was a shock, I'd overslept. So he kindly took me to the station. Didn't expect him to still be there when I got home from work, but he was, and stayed the night. No, there were no shennanigans, why do people keep asking me if we're still bonking? We ain't!

Saturday morning I gymmed with Marie, and frankly, we were a pair of wet lettuces, but it was fun anyway, and I'm sure we did do some good somewhere along the line.

Saturday afternoon, lovely Margs came over, nicked my gold nail polish and whisked me off to Den and Erica's BBQ, which was, quite frankly, bloody lovely. I had the best time, and the food was great. And also bumped into a couple of peeps I haven't seen in ages, one of whom has moved to Gravesend! It's such a small world really. Mickey and Muvva very kindly brought me home.

Peeps, friends, were saying he n me were made for each other and we'd soon be back together. WRONG! I do not wish to spend my life with a liar and a cheat. And unless he finds a way to deal with that, nothing's changed as far as I'm concerned. It breaks my heart, but I can't do anything. On the plus side, the house may, look good again at some point. There is so much stuff piled up everywhere, it just makes me want to SCREAM.

This morning I got up at 6am for the planned early morning bike  ride to Hertford. But I was hanging. Didn't leave til after 10 in the end, LOL, but anyway, I did it! And squeeeeezed in the door just in time for breakfast, result! Really hard work coming back as it was so hot, and my back was incredibly hurty, But made it, with a few stops, so quite pleased with that.

My Mum is pretty ill, off to see her vascular consultant on Tuesday. She's really in a bad way now, and neither of them are getting any sleep. I'll try to get down there at the weekend. I am extremely worried :(


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