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Jul. 21st, 2015

A mish-mash of a weekend really. Came home on Friday, mowed the lawns, dropped Rod off for his TA weekend, and came home, drank wine and scoffed chocolate. It didn't help.

Saturday, guilt-tripped to the gym, and went to the London Cocktail party at Cubana in the afternoon. Beautiful weather, fun company, and it’s actually kinda nice to do this sort of thing, in the middle of central London, for no real reason other than socialising/because you can! There should be more of this methinks. That morphed into a few of us going out to a rather lush Turkish restaurant. More alcohol was involved! I had meant to get home at 7 or 8, and get up at 6 on Sunday morning, for a bike ride. I got home at 11 or 12, and no bike ride, LOL.

Sunday I went over to see the ‘rents in Kent. Horrendous tailbacks at the bridge, arghhhh. I was also very nervous driving, that’s the longest journey I’ve done  since the accident in May. I was hype-vigilant to be honest.  But made it, both ways J

Mum…..well, better than I expected, but not great. She isn’t sleeping at all well, and is in constant pain. She had an MRI last week, and we’re awaiting the results of that. Meanwhile, she has an ulcerated foot, poor circulation and an abdominal aneurysm. And she’s 76.

Zoomed back to Hertford, picked himself up, and then spent a pleasant hous with Debs, drinking in the garden.

The cats have turned my attempt of lawn re-seeding into a giant cat toilet, the little bastids! Apart from that highly irritating fact, the garden doesn’t look bad. But I think maybe 10 more geraniums. I love ‘em cuz they’re hardy, and for their scent. Nothing seems to do as well as the gers J

Currently very disappointed at what’s going on scene-wise. I was extremely angry, but now I just feel saddened by it all. 


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