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So last weekend we attended again, the rather magnificent Chap Olympiad! This is absolutely one of my favouritest events!

Held in Bedford Square on a glorious, sunny July afternoon, it consists of hunderds of people, in their vintage, steampunk and outlandish finery, playing jolly silly and pointless games, to which there are incomprehensibly made-up-as-you-go-along rules and scoring, no real winners, no real prizes and everything is washed down with lashings of Pimms, champagne and it's just lovely. Quintessentially British.

I wore a 50s dress and a glittery red bird in my hair. He wore plus fours, red socks and a red cravat (actually a strip of material purchased in a shop on the way in) and a Boater. Our lovely friends, Margs, Sandie, Pete and Dawnie, naturally all also suitably attired, joined us.

Slightly worried when boo went off the stage, on a Boris bike, during the jousting, but no children or boos were harmed. Personally, I think he and Pete easilyyyyyyyyyy won the Tea Pursuit, but it wasn't to be. And laughed as he was dragged onto the stage by his feet, and sat on by a very pretty lady during the Bounder Chase.

We pic-nicked royally on the lawns, Morrissons Rotten Corner providing us with a vertable feast (thank you boo) and yes, smuggled in some contraband!

The evening was spent chez Sandie, with even more delights. They'd set up the most wonderful garden cinema, where we watched Grand Budapest Hotel, which is easily the best modern film in eons. I was soo happy, squidged up with boo, sipping wine and nibbling on all sorts. Olwen had made a replica of Mendl's cakes from the film, which was delish. And she's my new favourite, because she very generously gave up her bed at 3am when this sleepy head could take no more. And made us breakfast!

Sunday, Local Munch, 19 friends, much merriment as usual.

So all in all, a spiffy one!


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