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Jul. 10th, 2015

I think I’m giving up cat herding, aka “organsing events”. Last month’s Local Munch delivered just 5 people (supposed to be 12-14) and this month no less than 19 signed up. After a lot of kerfuffle, I managed to get the 19 in, and almost immediately, 4 people cancel. So we could’ve stayed where we were! I think somebody else can have the pleasure of doing it all, and I’ll just turn up, or not, like they do. That seems fair to me. I really have lost the patience.

Same again with the beano to the Chap Olympiad. Because Rod wants to get there early, which I do understand, plans need to be made. 50ish emails later, they still haven’t been made, and I’ve stopped caring. Somebody else can sort that out too. My work time is getting sucked away

Boo stayed at his ex’s last night, apparently she needed a lift to the airport. Although why his eldest didn’t do that, when she was sat in the car anyway, is anybody’s guess. I am told we have to go on public transport. Well, not any more obviously. I too shall ride in a car. So much more civilised ;)

In good news, yesterday was brilliant! That’s despite the LU strike. Yomped in from Liverpool Street to Russell Squre in good time. Bussed over to Olympia no problem. And back. Met Debbie after work in Covent Garde, had a bottle of rose near the market, walked to Soho, where we had dinner, and more wine, walked on to the cocktail bar place, where, yes, we had more wine (and a bit of a blast) and then walked back to Bloomsbury, and cabbed over to Liverpool Street. Absolutely sorted. And very very merry!!!

So the moral of today’s story, is don’t make time for people who don’t make time for you. And don’t adjust your own plans for somebody who’s only planning for themselves.


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