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Greecian 2000

Ummm, and 15.

So, we went to beautiful Kassiopi, a fishing village in the north east of Corfu, 13 pervs, and you know what? It worked perfectly!

We were basically 5 couples and 3 single gals, in a small, delightful apartment complex (that makes it sound modern and horrid, it wasn't at all) topped by a gorgeous pool and bar cum restaurant. No real obligations, other than the pre-planned birthday nights out for the two girls that had birthdays. People said what they wanted to do, you could join in, or not, no offence taken, for both daytime and evening forrays.

Our apartment was at the bottom of the hill (hooray!) and overlooked the pretty little harbour. Beds were rock hard, but apart from that, loved it. We had the 3 girls next door, and drinks, clothes, gossip and laughter flowed very freely over the balconies. Christos, his wife (Italian) and ma, run the place, and they seriously WORK. I am not at all surprised at all the splendid comments on various sites, singing their praises. People go back year after year.

A couple of days we hit the nudist beaches, and thank you to lovely Susie who did a lot of driving. Mirtiotissa was stunning, picture perfect. White sand, warm water, lovely people, a beach shack for drinks, and a backdrop of dramatic cliifs and oh, what a view! And so we swam and laughed and drank wine. We stopped on the way down, finding a lovely lady from Glasgow running a taverna near the beach, You're never far from home really. Brilliant day out.

Day trip to Corfu was interesting. But only for a day in all honesty. Myself, boo and Dawnie set out, and we just rambled around, no agenda. Found ourselves a wee backstreet taverna for lunchy-poos. Ordered for 2, 3 of us could barely eat it.  The owner was serving and cooking.......Ice creams, sunshine, a bit of history. Other than that, lots of touristy stuff, which is OK if you're just there for the day. Fake handbag central!

Another day trip to Agios Stefanos - not as lovely as Mirtiotissa, but we had our snorkels and goggles - although my mask leaked incessantly! Boo wanted to take me out to a small reef he found (he's like a small child with his show-n-tell, it's very endearing), and so we waded out, hand in hand, and explored. And marvellous it was, so many colours, different fishes and everything! And he fetched me n Susie a live starfish in his mask, awwwww. We returned it, of course.

We disappeared alone for the day. It was blissful.

Kassiopi is a tad upmarket. A few rather good boutiques, and some lovely restaurants, a few bars, but it isn't nightlife central. I've said if we go back, we have to try some karaoke and plate smashing. Not that I can sing, but who cares! We went out every night except one, a midweek break. I think the others pretty much did that too. It's not the most dynamic, or exciting place in the world, but is is certainly bally lovely.

But best of all, I actually relaxed. Yes, me! I spent copious hours doing nothing more taxing than reading, getting brown, and sipping drinks poolside. And I feel 100% better for it.

Hope to return next year. Some compromises to be made ;)


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