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Le Weekend

Yes, I know I've been on hols, more about that later.

We came back on Thursday night, and cracked on with the washing, as you do. And on Friday we were back at work. As you do. Why don't we get a week off to recover from holidays, hmmph!

On Friday night I asked boo to tidy the bookshelf, and he amazed me by taking the whole thing apart and doing absolutely TONS of graft until 2am! Well done him. House sorting is going to be a major project now. I hope we can keep our tempers, I'm sure we can work together.

Saturday, Margs came over, and we had a chinwag over a couple of bottles in the garden. I'm glad she's coming out the other side of Guy. I hope that continues, although she'll feel sadness for some time to come I'm sure. The only guarantees i life are death and taxes, and that's not morbid, it's about facing up. Twice this week I've had discussions with people about us all being on the final furlong as far as active lives are concerned. It doesn't mean we're all gonna die tomorrow, it means we have to make the most of what we have now, because now may not be too long.

Saturday, trained into London and went clubbing. I mostly sat down outside, holding court as boo put it LOL. Not due to anything other than a hurty foot and back. However, like trojans, we stayed out til 5am, and went to bed after the sun had risen.

Woke up far too early for breakfast, 9am in fact, and that kinda put me off kilter for the rest of the day, which was supposed to be BST at Hyde Park, we had free tix for Kylie and Grace Jones. I decided at that point it would be too much, he gave my ticket away to a lucky bod, which was cool. Neither Margo or Dawnie bothered to turn up, £130 of tix wasted, and after they clamoured for them. Very disappointing to say the least, boo pissed off. Don't blame him.

He and I walked through the markets at Petticoat Lane, found a stall selling brand new shoes for a QUID, so got him a pair. And I went home, pretty much just to sleep, he went to the festival.

One thing I've seen made apparent. The sight of suitcases distresses the cats, so we need to plan around that in future.

He's in Scotland for the rest of this week. My week'll consist of dieting (I have managed to put on 7 kilos during 2 holidays and a LOT of going out), house frauing and selling my worldy goods on Ebay. So business as usual!


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