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Long Time No See

So, we came back from Sicily in the wee hours, a week ago. Sicliy was mixed. The weather was great, people lovely, food fabulous, and we were eating out fabulously cheaply too - not to mention vino! But oh my word, the driving. Horrific. Worst I've ever seen, and I've been all over the world, in the craziest of places. I was scared half to death, ALL of the time, except on the motorways, which were empty. Lordy knows how boo kept his cool.

We stayed on a real cheapie staff deal at the Mercure in Palermo, lovely little hotel in a great location. Palermo  has it all really, beach, very historical history, to say the last, oodles of shops, and umpteen restaurants for all tastes and budgets. But one of my favourite things is, virtually nobody speaks Ingrish, and it's very un-touristy. I hope it stays that way. We perchanced upon a small trattoria that the locals were actually queueing to get in to. Hand-written and photocopied menu, barely legible, we don't speak Italian, so the owner made piggy noises etc. Cheap as chips, and we could barely stagger out of the place. Just wonderful!

Mondello was gorgeous, a little seaside town, with absolutely the bluest of beaches. Charming.

Catania, was stayed at this mad place, half apartment, half B&B, run by Virginia, an artist (her works adorns the place) and husband Joe, a clinical psychologist, and Elvis the Pinscher! Too cute! You have whatever you like for breakfast at a local bar, included, and come and go as you please. A really fun couple whom we enjoyed staying with and chatting to. And a great location, close to everything, and the station.

Like Palermo, Catania has a bit of everything, so plenty to see and do. We ate in the same "gem of a find" restaurant 2 nights running because it was cheap, delicous and we loved it. 2 courses of freshly prepared Italian food, in a great setting, on a cobbled street, with a litre and a half of red, for 2 people, 28 Euros. Cheaper than Wetherspoons my friends!

Taormina was a tad disappointing. Pretty yes, certainly,  but my, very touristy and expensive. Such a shame as I'd always wanted to visit. You can't win 'em all *shrug*

Mount Etna is in a bit of a class of it's own. I only went as far as the famous Refugio, boo went the whole way, I was happy to wander round the smaller craters and have a lovely lunch, whilst admiring tanned cyclist's legs. But it is an amazing and majestic place, well worth a visit.

Had a loooong lunch with the guy who runs Sleaze City, and we got on like a house on fire, so looking forward to the next one of those.

Last weekend we went to Darren n Jen's wedding in Letchworth, which was good fun. I spent a lot of time with Ness and Jez. We scrapped the show at Capel Manor with Den n Erica  on Sunday, due to the inclement weather, but had a lovely visit from Sarah, Tone and Pie n Sparkle on Sunday afternoon. Managed to not let the cats know there were dogs in the garden - result!

From there, it's all been very much downhill, but more about that later. Or should I say tomorrow.


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