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A mixed weekend. Friday night I had planned to gym, but didn't, due to feeling sluggish from Thursday's shennanigans. Boo went racing, I slobbed at home LOL!

Saturday morning was a pretty lazy affair, after a lie in. In the evening we met sarah and Tony in London, had dins and went to see Harvey with Maureen Lipman, which is a lovely play. Bumped into the lady who makes my latex in the theatre, her 10 year old daughter wasn't impressed, as you didn't see the rabbit and nobody could properly explain why to her, or why the grown ups all talked to the rabbit when it clearly wasn't there, LOL! Boo came home about 8am on Sunday, snuggled with him for a while, and then began th onerous task of emptying and tidying the big cupboard in our bedroom. That took up half the day, and the evening was spent bagging stuff for charidee and sticking things on Ebay. I'm now inclined to do all the drawers too! I'm on one!

Monday, another lazy lie in, and lunch out with Debs. A very good catch up and massive scoff, I feel really piggy!

Still feeling a bit blue, but it'll pass I know.

This afternoon I've decided to go to the cottage hospital as the foot hurty has dragged on for farrrrrr tooooooo looong now. I really hope it isn't fractured, hols 2 weeks away!


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