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Back on track with diet and exercise after that slack week! Having said that, a superb quantity of wine was consumed this weekend.

Friday, the plan was to go te bed early and get up to cycle the next morning. We stayed up very late, knocked back several bottles of red, watched crap telly and went upstairs and had a thoroughly good time.

Saturday, what a lovely day! Crisp, sunny and bright. We offed to the countryside for a Birds of Prey experience, and how fab it was. The handler was a wonderful woman, and clealry very, very dedicated. Had a good time, and learned. Also found out that Harry Potter is the biggest killer of owls. Apparently, lots of people went out and got owls after HP, and killed them with the wrong diet. Humans are such twats.Anyway, the birds are gorgeous, and yes, they can just vamoos if they want to. Even with tracking.

Followed that up with lunch in Hoddesdon, and a nana nap.

Saturday night, up town clubbing, which was even better than anticipated. Chatted, boogied, met another couple with a very maso boy, they were fun. Got chucked out at 5am LOL. No red wine though, red wine should always be availble BY LAW! Boo has an injury, and it wasn't me!

Brekkie in the hotel on Sunday, home via some more shopping, and then I spent hours grafting in the garden. Really pleased with what I achieved.  Bonfire n evyfink! Looks loads better, but of course it'll need doing again next weekend *sigh*

So busy, boozey, sexy, fun. Most excellent.


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