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Mission Accomplished!

Fantastic day yesterday. A private tour of the Houses of Parliament, courtesy of Donna's sis, Gina, who was absolutely lovely! I really do hope to meet her again, in a more off-duty environment. We got on really well, and people kept asking if we were sisters, although I can't see the resemblence. Anyway, I digress, she took us to places the hoi polloi don't get to see,  found people to answer questions she couldn't, and was really sweet about dodging longs walks and stairs for the old chaps. Myself, I felt really lucky and priviledged to be there. Fascinating, wanna go back.

Followed by a late lunch in the Member's dining room, three delicious courses and posh Claret. Very nice indeed, all beautifully presented and served with aplomb by Terry, who's been there 20 years, and has a great sense of humour.

And so 3 very happy retired Policemen from Australialand. Money can't buy what we had yesterday. So so pleased it went well.

Then home to catchy-up with work, owing to the non-fuctioning of poota at work.

Then my chaps came back, and I did dinner and we sat around gassing. Madge decided she was no longer visitor-tolerant, and did her hissing, spitting and growling routine. She'd had enough. Then laid down with paws over her eyes and refused to move.

And today the chaps start their journey towards Scotland, with a few ports of call en-route, then enmark and then gawd knows where.

It was a good visit, six days was ample and we did a lot with them. It's hard having 3 extra adults in the house though. But we managed. I also, somewhat remarkably,  managed not to bite at the racism, sexism, homophobia and references to Ragheadistan etc etc. They are nice blokes, but from a very different era and background to moi. And boo for that matter. I looked after them, made their meals, teas, washed up and all that, they were happy. Job's a good 'un.


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