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Yesterday I had a superbly enjoyable lunch, hosted by Donna, at Nope, the Otto Lenghi restaurant in Soho, accompanied by Lou, Ing, Hazel, Kate and Rhidian – who pitched up in a fur coat and chandelier earrings, magnifique!

It was busy at 2pm, the downstairs was completely full and upstairs I’d say 90% full, always a good sign. Our table was small, Lou passed comment, and the Manager generously gave us comp nibbles, all of which were delicious. I tried one of the zingy alcohol free cocktails, which really was refreshing, but as I usually do, stuck on the red wine.

The food really did exceed expectations, beautifully presented, and a riot of colour, flavour and texture, all 3 courses. I can’t fault any of it. The service was impeccable, in spite of being incredibly busy, and the waiters were a knowledgeable joy. We simply could not have asked for better.

Now, this was a special occasion for us. Not a birthday or wedding, instead we were celebrating our friendship of Donna, who has a brain tumour, and who, will, in all likelihood, not see her three score years and ten. So very bittersweet for all of us, even the big boy cried. We all had a wee weep at one stage or another. It was a loving and supportive bunch of friends, who were not morose or downcast, we were happy, laughing, piss-taking, just as it should be.

Came home, and my friend’s dort was a visiting, and I’m afraid I didn’t give her all the attention I should’ve, still fired up about D. But had a lovely evening too.

Saturday, we did the Vintage Fair in Hitchin, not much happening there, and boo sold some old army stuff to Crews Hill, I brought two pairs of sunnies I really didn’t need. And then cracked on with Ebaying boo’s things. Got quite a bit done. Delish homemade pork soup for dinner. And he gave me a bar of 70% dark chocolate, the stuff my diet allows, for not grumping at him. And said sorry for putting root vegetables in the soup, hahaha! It’s love. Trooooo wuuuv.

So a very bittersweet weekend for me. I am still deep in thought, I’m sure we all are.


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