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Happy Birthday to Me

But it isn't, and I suspect it won't get any better. I really do feel I am not worth the effort. Well, clearly I'm not. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Last night met Rod and his eldest fresh from Paris. Went to Byron, and loved the burgers there. Absolutely delish. And then on to the Hippodrome for Burlesque Cabaret. It was obnoxiously loud for the first half, to the point people had their fingers in their ears, including me. It was closer to twerking than sensual, sexy burlesque, with the performers racing about on stage at a thousand miles an hour, pulling off as many moves as they could. A bit dire really. Polly Rae was a good compere, and had a lovely voice, she also played to the crowd brilliantly. The aerial artiste was incredibly good. The other acts were just bang bang off. Nothing special. However, I do like the Hippodrome a lot, I've been a few times now. The smoking area, 2 floors, is probably the best in London. Didn't eat there last night, but have before, Chinese (absolutely excellent) and steak n lobster, which is good when they have a deal going. Needed to get home as it was a school night, a shame as he offered to buy me gambling chips ;)


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