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What a splendid week this is turning out to be!

Monday, back on the wagon, mega gym and good food habbits *polishes halo*

Tuesday, went with boo to see the utterly fabulous Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time. I was moved, it was so amazingly well portayed. I loved the book, and a rarity, loved the play as much. A real treat. I eschewed a pig-all-u-like Chinese and the offer of dins in Jamie’s pop-up Diner *polishes halo again*

Wednesday – oh dear oh dear. Ladies’ night out. And by golly gosh we made a night out of it apparently! I am feeling it today, I can tell you. Debbie n me were several sheets to the wind on the train home, and were play fighting. At one point, I had her in a head lock and was dousing her hair with water. I sent boo 2 texts, one saying Debs was touching me inappropriately and that he had to save me, and another saying I’d been eaten by a tyrannosaurus rex. He picked us up from the station, I don’t remember calling or texting him, and apparently the pair of us were trying to fling ourselves at the taxi controller. All good fun, but the shine has come right off the halo.

Tonight is going to be a very quiet night indeed. I wish I were in bed already.

Busy weekend ahoy!


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