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Thursday boo was doing a course thingy (on barcoding, LOL) near to work, so he met me afterwards, said a quick hello to Greg and then whisked me off to a small, new Polish restaurant-cum-bar that I'd never heard of. Dish of the day £7 and a bottle of plonk for £10, you can't complain in central London! T'was decided that he should offer to accompany his eldest to Paree, she rashly booked to go alone. He wanted me to come for the weekend part, but frankly, when you book late, the prices are shocking. As much to go on the train as I paid for Eurostar AND a 5* hotel with the girls. So I took a raincheck on that idea, we can do it when it's cheaper, and anyhooo, I think spending alone time with his dort is a great idea. I'll prolly stay with them in London the night before they go. Happy all round, sorted. Was pleased that he actually said paying for me was L'Oreal, but we can go anytime.

Friday I did my mystery shopper stint at 2 bars in Hertford. What's not to like about being paid to drink. We met a really mashed couple of girls in one bar, and went back to that one later as they had live music and 2 for 1 on the cocktails. Home at the ranch, Debbie came over for some vino and a catch up, which was good. I can't even remember if we had dinner.

Saturday, overslept majorly, till 11am in fact. And this weekend is Pink Room weekend, which means the dining room gets cleared at long last! It started with an argument, it's hard to tell a confirmed hoarder that things have to go, and he's convinced it'll all go on Ebay. We have both worked hard all day, and not even a third of it is listed. However, progress has been made, which I'm pleased about. I just wish he'd stop buying all this stuff, it's awful having to waste so much time selling things that shouldn't have been brought in the first place. And this is just one room. Three full weekends of doing this I'm guessing, time we will never get back.

Tomorrow I am gyming at 8am with Marie, fingers crossed I actually wake up! And then all-day Ebaying again.

My back is completely fucked at the moment, and I feel knackered, but onwards we must go!

And oh how my Scrabble has suffered! I have about 10 games I'm going to lose because I'm just typing any old crap in between Ebay listings. Never mind....


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