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And so I am back on the low carbing wagon, with 2 good days already tucked under my belt. This week shouldn’t be too much of a trial, but next week will be murder as I’m already out Tue/Wed/Fri/Sat/Sun and some of that involves restaurant eating. Ummmm, all of it in fact, do doubly difficult, restaurant food + booze + no gym. But let’s see how it goes. This week I shall mostly be tired and grumpy!

Boo being impressively good with sorting out and Ebaying. However, he’s still picking crap up, he doesn’t see he’s just making work for himself and causing himself issues.  I’m sure the penny will drop. But sterling work so far.

His eldest came over on Monday night, in her car, having passed her driving test, woo hoo. She stayed for dins and we watched The princes Bride again.

Last weekend we were at foxxx’s in Aylesbury for the annual champagne rammy, which was more sparsely attended than usual, only Kath doon from Scotland. But foxxx looked bally marvellous, which was a treat, and of course gainfully employed Mark as a happy bunny, all’s good. She’s already done the 2016 invites, I need to check out deals for the hotel J

Still Scrabbling, but hacked off with the blatant cheating. That having been said, I need to dot he knitting thing I really shouldn’t be doing Scrabble innit.
Slavey-poos coming tonight. 


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