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I knew I would be better if I ignored medical advice and partied on! And sure as eggs is eggs........

Saturday, up to the rather lovely Sprowston Manorhttp://www.marriott.co.uk/hotels/travel/nwigs-sprowston-manor-marriott-hotel-and-country-club/  in Norfolk, for the Army posh do. Now what's not to like about dashing men in very very tight trousers, behaving impeccably (first half anyway!!) and ladies in long fwockies and finery. Great food, free flowing and free wine, the Colours drummed in, the Regimental silver adorning the table, Christmas decorations, ahhhhhhhh bisto! Lovely hotel too. The journey was arduous, had to stop a couple of times, back going into spasm, lah-di-dah. No matter, we got there. Lovely big room, deep bath, wonderful view over the fields and woods n lakes to the back. Had a great night, wore flatties, danced like a nutter, had too much red wine, and had a very lengthy hardcore sex sesh back in the room, and I have the bruises to prove it, bwahahaha! Hell yeah.

Left sharpish on Sunday and decided to have breakfast in Thetford. What a bloody cracking morning it was too, people out in t-shirts. Scoff scoff, I was starved! Loads traffic as everybody was heading in for crimbo shopping as we were heading out, gahhhh. Home, unpack, nana nap, and back out to London.

http://www.grimm-tales.co.uk/ we got very heavily discounted tix for this via a scene friend, and by gosh, it was amazing! Much darker and much better than expected. A gorgeous production that crackles and glows like an autumn bonfire, this immersive journey is a haven of dark enchantment. Oh yes! I am not going to say too much as to spoil it, but it really was a delicious experience for the senses, and appealed to us both A LOT! Boo wore a pencil skirt, sheer blouse fishnets, knee high boots and a red bob wig, eventually topped off with bright pinky lippy. Rather a contrast to Saturday's ensemble. I love the juxstaposition, and that he's so comfortable with his sexuality. I trembled slightly when the train pulled in to White Hart Lane, uh oooooh, but although people openly gawped (and videod on their phones!), nobody said a word. Nobody would sit next to him either, ha! Fools.

Back at work today, after dropping him off for his early train to Irvine. He's back on Friday and I have LOTS to do meanwhile.

Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.


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