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A Wee Catch Up.......

So, I am at home, week 2. My back is merrily killing me, I am signed off this week too. Cats are loving having their personal slave home, I am NOT! But I am working, which is a plus.

To backdate a lil, I went to the Serendipity launch last week with Debs. We went for dinner at Bistro 1 in Soho beforehand, and managed to polish off a couple of bottles of wine before arriving. Great food, lovely service from a terrible good looking waiter (we forgave him forgetting our starters), I had deep freid Brie, then chicken Arrabiata. Simple food, well prepared and generous portions, along with very competitively priced wine. Bingo! You can't ask for any more from a West End restaurant at that price.

And then on to the Nordic Bar, quite nearby, for the event launch. Lots there, a great social, and more wine, somewhat unsurprisingly!

We also took her to the Army Xmas dinner last week in Chelmsford, which was fun. My back had already started kicking off, so not as much dabcing as I'd have liked for me, but a great excuse to get dressed up and have fun. Quote of the night from JJ, seeing a lady inappropriately dressed, remove her dress, and wiggle about in her undies on the dance floor " I've never seen anybody look less like a hooker with her dress off"!

Skipped going to Mum's last Sunday as 2 hours in the car didn't appeal to my back at all. Most of this week's plans already scuppered. Hey ho. On the plus side, when I saw the Doc on Friday morning, she remarked that I am now a totally different person to the last time this happened 3 years ago. Three stones lighter, fitter and better muscle control, so she opined that with some rest, Cocodamol and anti-inflammatories, this may resolve itself without an operation again, which would be good. It just doesn't feel that way at the moment.

Staying home in the cold weather when you can't really do anything is dullsville innit! Not expecting great things from my friends this week. Mama has also annoyed me, but c'est la vie.


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