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Ta Da!

It's been a busy,, very productive and extremely social weekend!

Friday night I collected the man returning from France, cooked up the most bloody delicious 2 courses of Thai food, seriously good nosh, thank you Mr Roux. Wine, oh and a terrible awesome chocolate cheesecake. All stored outside in the cold as we had no fridge freezer. And then he laid acrosss my lap on the sofa, made like a cat and we watched a film.

Saturday, I was lazy, he got a new fridge freezer. My back has been rather dire the last few days, so I couldn't help, he's been a hero. I sort of did some housework and then poodled off to the hairdressers. Saturday night, he went out with the TA boys in herford, I went to London for Roissy. Excellent choice in the Lady Ottoline, a gastropub between Chancery Lane and Holborn, close to work. We had an upstairs room privately for 20 of us, but were able to have the a la carte menu. Food was tip top, and the service was charming and attentive. Charles spoiled me with a dessert. We had planned to end at 10.30, but at 11.30 we had only just paid the bill I think. So home on the train and no party for me, but I thoroughly enjoyed being at a table of 20 people, 90% of whom I'd never met before, varying ages, sexualities, ideas and social levels. It worked brilliantly well in mu opinion, and I hope Nicko throws something similar again soon, so I can take boo along. He did kindly offer me a bed for the night but Miss Goth, chicken coops and the Local Munch were awaiting me on Sunday morning, so it was  a no this time. But went home beaming!

A really lovely surprise at the return of the boo at 4am. I thought he'd sleep at the TA centre as usual, but he came home to me. Luv innit.

Sunday, himself wanted to absolve himself of eating (he's put a couple of kilos on and I am taking the mick, but we will drom some weight together over the next couple of weeks). But he took me there and fetched me and Debbie back too, bless him. He's wandering around in a kilt for some reason. And he been jolly randy all day.

The Munch was a GAS. I haven't laughed that much in eons. Mostly me, Susie and Debbie, we're like the bitches of Eastwick, and had the best time. The food was ok, cheap and cheerful Greek Cypriot (and several peeps are tying to tempt me to Corfu again) and the owner was HYSTERICAL. He made us crack up. Lovely to see Steff after she's not been well, Guy and Margs on good form (and Margo looked really lovely, a couple of us said that), Pete and Mandy all ready to move in together, Sandie n Pete looking grand, Debbie recovering, Susie collecting food for her dog  - and I have to say, best munch this year. All back to mandy's for the very last time.

Boo took Debs home after a bit more wine chez us. And we've chillaxed for the rest of Sunday. Cuz we're back on the social whirl tomorrow and Noel Fielding on Tuesday.


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