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Nov. 9th, 2014

So having been banned from Hertford TA by Rod, who has no such authority ( a bit like when Janice decided I couldn't go anywhere in Hertford Heath, much huffing and puffing, but no fact), I decided to do my own thing, which I have. There's no point in aggravating a very stressed and highly emo Rod. Even if it is for a very good cause. A shame as I'd made arrangements with 3 friends, got my outfit ready etc, but hey ho, them's the breaks. A very angry little man, and a very upset P, who's had herself and her friends called all sorts of names. So I did Rememberance by myself, and soon I'll be going out for lunch with one of my awful arse licking friends, who apparently aren't really my friends, and whom I've pulled the wool over their eyes for years etc etc. We've planned a nice slap up Sunday lunch. It's great to have a treat!

Hopefully sobererer enought to take a call this afternoon from another organisation that would like me to get involved in their new projects. I did one yesterday with the other chap, it sounds like it's got legs. Possibly exciting times ahead. Who knows what'll evolve, but it's always nice to be asked.

*Takes a deep breath, pours a glass of red, and simply carries on*


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