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This morning's ideas are, go for a bike ride, go to LAM, have a serious cleaning tackle, get some latex up for sale on Ebay, go to the gym, yadda yadda yadda. But I am beset with sloth! And it's raining. I woke up at 11, spend another half an hour or so playing with the cats in bed, came downstairs, and now I want a second coffee, yet the kitchen seems such a long way a away. Woe is me!

*ambles begrudgingly kitchenward*

I may have to leave the house at some point for milk. Meh. But I'm feeling marvellously lazy, and revelling in it. Back door's open, Madge doesn't do rain per se, but the boy has been coming in and out at whim, muddying my bleached kitchen floor. I don't give a fig. Life is good, and there's nothing I have to do.

Last night was feasted royally by Debbie. Not only did she come and fetch me, she cooked what I can only descibe as a massive lump of Chateaubriand, with the huuuugest salad. Stuffed mushrooms to start, and we stole her dort's banoffee pie from the fridge. Now I need to compain to Tesco's about the three-and-a-half bottles of leaky wine......We watched Pompeii, which was atricious historically, but featured hunky semi-naked men fighting, so that's ok. And Jonathan Ross.

Lots of lovely eating offers, including Crazy Bear and Les Trois Garcons, tempting, tempting....

The "turn off notifications" option has been my friend in the sevrality........

Cod and chorizo fishcakes for brunch I do believe........and so many things need looking at on Ebay.....

There are lots of things I could do today.........


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