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On Friday, I fancied, beyond reason, something spicy and delicious, so I thought I’d head out looking for maybe a Chinese. Instead, I happened upon Thai Dream, tucked away behind Theobalds Road. And a very lucky find it was! It’s a sit-down restaurant, which I didn’t have time for unfortunately. But I went in anyway and enquired about take away, and the lovely chap said yes, I ordered, and a few minutes later, I left with a box of freshly prepared pad khee moew – basically flat noodles, chicken, basil and chillies, cooked to taste. It really hit the spot, and at £6 I shall be back very soon! Great new loca.

Friday, manflesh met me at work, we had a lil dwinkie with Greg in the bar and set off for home, where e stayed, watching telly and drinking wine. It was so nice to have him home *beams*

Nice lie-in on Saturday morning, and in the evening, up to sandie’s for a right little pre-club feast, that was really appreciated. And then on to The Magic Theatre.

The drive from Borehamwood to The Rivoli Ballroom in Brockley was excruciatingly loooooong, but we were lucky to find a parking space right there. The place itself simply oozes old fashioned glamour. Huge Chinese lanterns, velvet and tassles everywhere. And many of the party-goers were the same! A largely drag/transvestite crowd and fancy dressers, some wonderfully fancy! We saw some imaginative costumes and stunning outfits, 90% of the crowd had really put the effort in, and it was lovely to see. Including every Batman film. This was echoed in the really warm and friendly atmosphere. Bar prices were cheap, and like it says on their website, old fashioned, and there is a lot of queueing involved. Ditto for the toilets. The stage hostess looked stunning in purple, the singing act wasn’t so hot. However, we were up jigging to the band like nobody’s business. My ankle is wrecked, I’m delighted to say! Dancing certainly is the vertical expression of a horizontal desire in mine n Rod’s case. Everyone photographed boo incessantly, he was quite the draw in my pink vintage tailcoat, flashing pink dreads and top hat, with 8 inch platform, hahaha. He looked amazeballs. Most of us were on our feet and having an absolute ball.

And then back into central London, not as quickly as we’d hoped, as the car kept overheating, which was a tad scary.

We arrived at the hotel, checked in, freshened up and straight out of the door again, to a naughty place for naughty people. Met up with Grg n Ian once there – got told by the hostess that my “won” tickets were actually chosed cuz I hadn’t been there in a while, which I thought was lovely. And happily chatted and quaffed vino pinko until 5am, when, for some reason, the club closed!

Mercure London Bridge were stars. We arrived back, starving. At 5am they did dinner for all four us. I had a lovely Thai curry. Woke up the next morning, the room was really quiet, noticed the really funky bathroom properly, loved it. Down for breakfast, which is split over 2 floors, very odd, and then it was sadly time to go . Super-smooth check-out from a very suave, friendly chap. Great little hotel in a great Bankside location.

Sunday. Vegged :))


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