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Lazy Slattern Happy Cow

I charge extra for punctuation.

So, the week has passed. I've done no gym, precious little haus-frauing, virtually no Ebaying, and I've sat on my arse, eating, drinking copious quantities of red wine, watching trash TV and indulging in the internet. Whilst burning joss sticks to get rid of the smell of cat pee. So naturally, I am now refreshed and relaxed. Nope, not a bit of it! I'm tired. So, I shall carry on doing everything lik a looney, as it makes no difference at all.

Halo slipped with the fags whilst out on Weds, but I am still very much on the stopping drive. I know I shall smoke during our 12 hour party-a-thon on Saturday, then I shall do a week without so much as a puff hopefully. What I can do now, is go 2-3 days without smoking, so the worst part of the addiction is broken, I need to just not let myself slip back down.

Great night at Balans with Shani n Diva. Top banana food, 2 for 1 on the cocktials and a devastatingly gorgeous Spanish waiter, Diego. That was after Shani was refused admission on the 262 bus as the driver dcided he didn't want either a wheelchair or an assistance dog on his bus. Disgusting. She was so upset.

I am visiting Margs in her new abode, and Jess's leaving do next week, but apart from that, I shall be having a crack down on naughty food, and hauling my derriere to the gym.  And making myself rush for work as I spend too much time snuggling with the cats in the mornings!


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