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Just when you're preening away at being brought sexy n expensive latex by the boyf, and feeling goooooood, the evil fairy comes and sprinkles her dust.

I went to Optimax this morning, 10am appt. When I got there they tell me no driving or PC work for 4-6 hours, I hope I'm ok to go to work at lunchtime as I said I would. The tests took an hour, orange dye in the eye for the front and seriously stingy drops for the back of the eye. The ad said laser eye treatment from £17.99 a month, it turned out to be £192 a bloody month. So I'm pissed off at the price diff and losing a work day. £6k is a lot. I'm depressed at my sight deteriorating, especially where putting make up on is concerned, but I'm happy to wear glasses for reading etc. Arghhhh. Came out of there barely able to see, had to ask a stranger to find "Greg" and "work" on my phone. It was sunny, my eyes were so sensitive, I couldn't put my head up at all. So, a day wasted.

Came home, went to bed, as I just couldn't do anything else. Now have to pick the car up as I couldn't drive home from the station.

Done a bit of house tidying this evening, gonna put some latex online.

Boo has worked very hard at clearing the pink room this weekend, full marks. Still some to go, but seeing real progress.


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