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Friday ended on a shite note, with a 2.5 hour journey to get home as the trains were f*cked yet again. Luckily, Rod could pick me up from Enfield, which was physically as far as I could go. By 7.30, we were pooped, did diner, had some lovely wine and watched movies til 2am.

And I woke up at 11.32 on Saturday, which was a shame, as my hair appt was 11.30. Mad rush to get in there, thankfully I'm a reg so my tardiness was tolerated, and barnet was done. Straight into London for the London Fetish Scene reunion. OMG what a blast. I don't recall getting home, but we were on the last train just after midnight. It was so great to catch up with people, and meet some new friends too. Some of the oldies I've known for 15-20 years, but haven't seen in eons. My happy memory was Ross - Gina's ex, who is very well blessed downstairs, and was happy for me to show everybody, LMAO! But TVP was his classic self, Natasha was on top form, as was Robert. Pat and Ann were absolute dolls, and we all had a good moan about the current state of the fet scene and how it was much better in ye olden daze. Rebecca looked wonderful, so slim and vbrant, and Slutty was.....Slutty. Eight hours of drinking. Came home, and decided to whip up an omelette, which was fine, but didn't notice that bits of the pepper mill had dropped off into the pan, and so they were duly cooked and served up!

This morning, another mega lie-in. Boo was meant to do a cycle race, but was "unwell". Coffee and laziness reigned. And he's brought me a fabulous latex ringmasters costume from House of Harlot. Too small at present, but it was intended as a carrot, and it shall be, I LOVE it!!!!

Lunch with the gang, absolutely marvellous, even though I was somewhat tired still. A big scoff goes a long way when you're a tad hungover. Just back from that. House is in a right state and smells of cat wee, Murphy is having problems. He's been attacked and there's a big chunk of fur and skin missing from his neck, and he's not keen on going out, which is highly unusual for him. I am keeping an eye on it. Poor thing. Madge is enchanted with an empty fruit box, which she's made into her palace.

Great weekend *beams*


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