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A Very Stressful Week

So last nights' conspiracy to stop me sleeping was a friend getting arrested. She asked for another friend to contact me, and via about 30 phone calls, and an awful lot of time on Facebook, we eventually did as much as we could. It isn't helpful that the Police don't allow you to speak to or visit somebody in custody, and won't speak to you either, they would only speak to our solicitor friend.  She was eventually bailed, with a lot of interceeding from said solicitor friend in the wee hours, at which point, I could sleep. This morning, woke up to seeing her black eye, just awful. I'm hoping she'll sensibly rest today and get her wits about her, but she'll prolly go on the attack with the Police and other person involved. What a hideous situation. And frightening.

Boo arrived home with yet another suitcase last night. We have about 10 or so now, so I can only imagine he's booking us on a world tour, where we'll need that much luggage! A girl can hope, LOL. Unfortunately, again, his car seemed to go backwards and I ended up serving a very dried up dinner at almost 10pm, which is far too late. I simply couldn't eat dinner at that stage and it looked shite anyway, luckily had some smoked salmon appetisers in the fridge.

Not smoking going badly still. I relented and had 2 last night whilst trying to sort things out, but none today, I am still trying, but it's horrible and very very stressy. It's also making me feel ill.

And just been told he's away again next week. Things aren't getting better, are they.

I am now seriously thinking about just getting a credit card and booking myself a holiday as I really need one. This year has been mostly about me slogging away at work, with lots extra to do, plus training, slogging away at home, on my own so much, trying to lose weight and trying to stop smoking.


Oct. 19th, 2014 06:52 pm (UTC)
lol, you blaming me for making you smoke?

and thanks xxx


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