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Great. And Not So Great

Last night I meandered into Soho, had an early supper, lovely Chinese buffet, which was yum, and met boo at the theatre for Les Miserables. I've seen this show numerous times, on stage, screen and TV, and yet I would go again tomorrow. Truly fabulous. If I have to pick a fave or two, I'll say the inkeeper's wife and Javert, what voices! It was an electric and atmospheric performance, the ausience were on the edge of their seats. Bravo!

Afterwards we met up with Ness, who's stationed in London for 2 weeks, quick drinkie, and off to catch the last train home. So gar so, good, a lovely night, and much appreciated.

When we got home, Rod started work almost straight away (it was 12.30 by this time) and continued on a very loud conference call until gone 3am in the morning. And then he left for work at 5am. My sleep disrupted right throught the night, I was up late and at work late and I feel tired and stressed. Not as tired and stressed as I'm sure he feels, but then again, his company aren't paying me a sou for having to put up with this. My company and I have to suffer due to his. Labels are sticky things that go on boxes, they're not life n death.

So day 3 of quitting smoking, and I could do without the additional tiredness and pressure. Still feeling perfectly dreadful.


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