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Praise The Laze!

It's 2pm, I am not washed or dressed, I'm still in my leopardy dressing gown, and I have no plans to get dressed. I've had a lie-in, played with the kitty catties, and had a rather magnifique breakfast cooked by the blokie, who's also washed up and done the washing!

I am also borderline heart attack as I am dying for a smoke. I nominated today as stop smoking day, even though I don't feel remotely like stopping smoking. Last time I did, I felt ebullient and confident. This time I just really want a cigarette. Hoping to last the day, that's all I can say. I'm not confident.

Weekend has been great. Friday I had a poet's day, we drove down to Chichester, visited on Charlotte, whizzed across to Fareham, had some dinner, and on to the Punk Pirates gig. Only in a pub (drinks £3 a large glass of red) but all the classics. Up and jigging around, singing our lungs out. Brilliant fun. Then across to Portsmouth, where we were checked into our freebie hotel by a very young male receptionist with a prosthetic had, wearing studded leather cuffs, and straight out again, as we'd seen a drag queen on a corner.

The HB bar in Portsmouth is supposedly a gay bar. We aren't really sure what the drag queen was there for, other than licking the tongues of the boys, which was hilarious! It's a very scruffy bar for very scruffy young people. Us and the drag queen were the oldest by 30 years. However, really cheap drinks and fab dance music, so we stayed for a while, people watched, danced and laughed til about 2.30.

Then we went to bed, except we didn't, we drank wine, ate pork scratchings and camembert, talked rubbish and looked at shite on the net for another hour or so, which mean I just about woke up for breakfast Saturday morning.

We fetched C, and did Chichester - although certainly worth another visit. Catherderal, Romans, lots of historical stuff, of which we did zilch. And then down to Bognor Regis, and a beach feast of red wine, cheese, Serrano and Ritz biscuits with a bit of kite flying thrown in.

Can't believe we've done so much in such a short time.

Still want a fag!


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