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Reasons to be Cheerful!

Boo at home for 3 weeks, prolly away end of the month for a couple of weeks, France again. My guilty pleasure is getting back in bed after the alarms have gone off, and snuggling between his gorgeous, warm bod, and playing with a very content, chirruping Madge, who’s just so silkylicious and adorable! It is getting harder and harder to haul my arse outta bed.

This weekend, we’ve got a freebie hotel in Portsmouth, we’re going to a Punk Pirates gig nearby. And then on to Chichester on Saturday to see his dort, who’s at uni down there. In fact, busy and fun weekends planned for the next 3 weeks. And free tix to Les Mis on Monday, at the theatre. Seen it before, but love that show 

Fabby night with the ladies last night, what a pleasure it is to be amongst strong, funny gals. I walked to the wine bar from work, got a fright at my own reflection in a shop window, bobbed into Superdrug and made myself up with make-up testers, re-did my hair and bounced in the room a new woman! Really enjoyable conversations, flowing wine, the awesome new Rueben burger and some carrot cake I brought – all the right ingredients for a great girls’ night.

House FULLl of food, he’s been shopping every night!

I felt terribly grown up saying no to a break in Rome. Not that I didn’t want to go, but when I checked my bank, reserves were low, and I made the decision that saving some money for our main holiday would be a priority. Woot! I am an adult, saying no to things when I don’t have ready cash, instead of just bunging it on a credit card. Boo offered to pay, but I don’t need another break, I just fancied one. Priorities!

Ordered some new latex, with proceeds of Ebay sales.

Just feeling happy, and very “me”.


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