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Cuz I iz tired. Very yawny in fact.

Friday, I went for lunchy-poos at the very hip new Hoxton Holborn with Greg. Given a choice of tables, not easy when 42 diners already in situ! Staff attired in blue chinos and chambray shirts, looked good. Absolutely full marks for menu knowledge and upselling. My cocktail, Home by Midnight, was delicious, and the red wine equally so. The bar area was exceedingly busy, three chaps in full flow, I am thinking they provide for the rest of the hotel too, the coffee machine didn’t stop.

The menu is fairly extensive and “one word” which I loved, I went for suckling pig with the leek side. Perfectly proportioned and presented. G had octopus and was sold a portion of gnudi, both great. All very fairly priced for a restaurant with such great service and good location.

A bit industrial for my personal liking, but clearly it works. I don’t like the idea of sitting at a trestle table with other people, but hey, that’s me. Would go again, even if not on company expenses!

Friday evening, collected man! He came straight in and mowed the lawns, LOL!

Dinner, and we were in bed by 10, exhausted, and didn't wake up til gone 8 the next morning, but it was worth waking up for ;)

Saturday was a day of shopping and sorting. I've allowed mudrer to be gotten away with, because sorting is happening large-scale. Both 'appy. Stayed in Saturday night and watched Eastwood films with some lovely red he'd brought back from Frogsville. I also ate most of the yummy cheese, but only half of the macarons.

Sunday, breakfast out, a wee wander (wasn't the weather spiffy!) and then down to Lunnun for LAM, specifically cuz it was Joe's birthday. Loely to see so many people. Stand-wise Dogs Bollocks was great and of course Krystina with Ectomorph, where boo managed to bag a barganilicious purple latex shirt. Mrs Ghede vanished, didn't have time for a chat? Jan looked really well. We mostly lounged with Mick n Sue, Tat, Simon, Tony & Sarah and Joe, who was with Jay, whom I haven't see for eons, so really pleased to see her. I couldn't persuade Donna to come out, shame. A very relaxed and chatty afternoon. Fave guest was Maaster Keith's Woofie, too cute :)

Us two, Jay and Joe, Tat and Mick n Sue headed off out for dinner once LAM had closed. I felt generous and paid as a birthday treat for Joe. However, my meal of 2 yorkshire puds, roast beef and gravy AND mash will have to be paid for more physically in the gym tonight. Naughty, but nice.

Can I go back to bed now please?


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Oct. 7th, 2014 08:42 am (UTC)
Lovely seeing you,it's been nearly a year since I last met up.

Thank you so much for the card & dinner.

Joe xx.
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