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Oh, so we have a difference of opinion. He thinks I train the cats to pee on his clothes, I think he shouldn’t leave clothes all over the house for them to pee on. I don’t, and strangely enough, my clothes don’t get pee’d on. I’ve done 6 loads of his washing this weekend, another 2 to go. Apparently, I didn’t “have” to do this, I did it because I wanted to. Must be cuz I really love doing washing so much, can’t be cuz somebody else just sat on their arse.

Also, it’s unreasonable of me to be hungry after 12 hours without food, if I’ve been brought wine. This isn’t the first time this has happened, him having a complete mental block over me wanting some food. He was grimly determined that all I could have was half of a cold pasta salad, and simply would not allow anything else, until we’d gotten back to the hotel, and everything was closed. Then he said I could have a burger. Luckily, I am surrounded by nice people, so it worked out in my favour :)

I am now not allowed to drive the car, so it can just sit on the street, outside the pub, where he left it. Not a problem, but another illustration of pettiness, which is becoming more and more unpleasant.

He said he was going to mow the lawns, which would be quite literally, the only contribution he’s made to the household all weekend. I hope he’s made a BLOODY GOOD job of them, because he’s done bugger-all else, and he’s been allowed to sleep and get away with doing nothing. I should put as little effort in as he does, and expect everything, like he does. I wonder how 2 selfish cunts in the house would work out?

On balance, and hindsight being a wonderful thing, I would’ve much rather have gone to Sandie’s birthday picnic as planned, or even go to Kate’s birthday celebrations in Kent, rather than make life easy for a selfish and self centred individual, and booking him a free hotel in London, which he didn’t stay in anyway. But one thing that has become apparent, is my not putting up with his hissy fits and tantrums, letting him storm off is so much easier these days. It used to bother me, it doesn’t now as it’s happened too many times.

Oh and he’s very angry at me being able to list all the things I’ve done. Possibly because he knows he hasn’t lifted a finger. Guilt does that to you apparently, not that I’d know. It’s kinda easy to do lists when you’ve done all the doing And when you’re getting nothing back in terms of reciprocation or god forbid, appreciation, it’s hard not to become a little bit resentful. It’s hilarious that he thinks I don’t have to do anything when he’s away, and a good indication of how little he actually knows about running a house. It's very amusing that he imagines that I only do things because I want to do them. His lack of understanding is almost whimsical. Oh how I love bleaching that kitchen floor, gimme more!

That apart, the magician at Cellar Door was very good indeed. So was the cabaret singer, and we got free seats, yee haa. Sunday morning, after he'd slept for no less than 14 hours, I cooked post-coital breakfast and he got his stuff ready for France.

In other news, Relton is engaged and Nix n Tiff are moving into their newly built home. Good for them!


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