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Maps to the Stars and Tredwells

Had a glorious hour on Millbank, sipping red wine and doing the crossword after work. Just lovely in the sunshine overlooking the river :)

Margs arived in the very nick of time, and we went in to the Time Out free preview screening of Maps to the Stars, with Julianne Moore, who was superb. And Rpatz, who always looks like he needs a good wash to me, and I don't see the attraction at all. A black and slightly disturbing film about the shallow and image obsessed denizens of Tinseltown, with some sex, violence and a psychopath thrown in. Not a blockbuster, no, but interesting viewing.

And then on to Tredwells, which actually opens tonight, but I got invited via the trades, which is Marcus Wareing's new opening in Covent Garden. It was very very busy, but the staff were exemplary. We asked lots of questions about the food, they knew ALL the answers. What's more, they had all tried every dish. Old skool, I loved that, but friendly, chatty and humourous service. It's a new eating concept, you can opt for large or small dishes, and they come out when they're ready, not in any order. We had Dorset crab & mango on toast, Spinach & wheatgrass soup, artichoke, Lamb chops, minted bean chutney, Confit cod, sweet potato, lemon and garlic, Chargrilled chicken, peanut, cucumber and Crayfish, gem, okra, grains and a bottle of Mas de Daumas Gassac Moulin de Gassac, follwed by Fruit & nut chocolate parfait for me and Olive oil cake, blackberry jam, custard mousse for madame. We shared all of the dishes, everything was perfect and the total bill was an exceedingly reasonable £55. A definite re-visit!

So a lovely evening all round, marred by the bloody tubes, but hey ho. Lovely in-bed chat with boo when I finally got home, only 2 more sleeps now :)


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