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Good n Bad

Bad is this shitty cold/ throat infection. It's dogged me all bloody day. I woke up feeling dreadful and I still do. Sudafed and Beechams isn't really doing a lot!

The good was the Invictus Games closing ceremony, which Shani invited me to. Ellie Goulding, Ryan Adams, The Vamps, Rizzle Kicks, James Blunt, Diversity and Military Wives Choirs and The Ghurkas on bagpipes. We were very close to Prince Harry and sat with a guy from his regiment who'd had his leg amuptated just 4 weeks ago, and some of his injured mates, all very nice blokes. The bands were great, the comedians just ok - in fact one, I'd never heard of but is apparently in Eastenders - got boo'd off. But front row seats for us yee haa, even if we did have to get there 2 hours early for that. I started getting considerably worse at 8ish and missed the Foo Fighters, but I was really ill by that time. But a great event, would very deffo go again, such a lovely atmosphere as well as the great acts.

Dance card's quite full. Tuesday dinner with John n Marie, LLM on Wednesday at Jamie's Italian, and Friday off to Paris for a wee 5* break with Vicky, Lin and Dawnie. So this lurgy had better bugger off pronto!


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