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Ger Swiy Bee-Ann A Mews Ay

So trip-trapped down to darkest Sarf Lunnun last night after work, it takes me about an hour on the bus, and I like the journey, lots to keep me occupied. She'd picked a nice little Lebaese place called ilili just a tad further along her road. She was going to do me tapas, but got a last-minute 2nd viewing, fingers crossed she gets a juicy offer today. It was a BYOB place which made things a lot cheaper as I was already clutching 2 bottles of red. We plumped for a shared mixed grill and cold mezzes, both good, but we wanted the mezzes as starters but everything came out together. I didn't touch the rice and only 2 little bits of pitta, so feeling quite holy*. £30, not bad at all really. And then off to her flat.

What she's done in there has made a massive difference, it's really lovely now, I feel sure she'll be moving shortly. First things first, tried the finished lobster dress on, and am totally in love with it! Fits like a glove - a very tight glove! She'd done me a matching haIr rosette too, faaaab. And then the cats! Doof is such a lovely boy, very friendly, likes a fuss, got his nose in everything, can't keep still, so very much like Murphy in those respects, but also physically, a slinky but muscled, rangy kinda cat. And Madge n Evey are sisters from another mother. Light, delicate, more discerning, quieter. Even though I have my own two now, visiting on friends with cats is always a pleasure, and I really must get around to organising something at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium. Finished off the evening with coffee and some Amarettos and back on the bus, got home before 10.30. Lovely!

* My holy goodness ruined by boo who came home after TA with a very lovely cheesecake. Seemed rude not to. And he wonders how I put on weight - I bloody well don't!

Thinking about get me fat bum into the gym tonight, but feeling tired. Let's see........


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Sep. 12th, 2014 08:07 pm (UTC)
lol, was lovely to see you, have no idea what the title of this is supposed to mean though!
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