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Feet, Ground, Touching.........


Okies, so a busy week at work so far. Which is good, I thrive at pace and under pressure. Plus the hotels is pretty much fully booked for the next 2 weeks, London's heaving with LFW and multiple big-name conferences.

Last night I had an offer for dinner, which didn't happen, an offer from Donna from her Policewoman sis to have a private tour of Parliament, which I turned down, due to the non-event dinner (mega-poo!) but ended up with a boo home late, but three days early. Pleased as punch about that. I spoon-fed him smoked salmon appetisers and encouraged Madge to love him. He's still going away at the weekend for 2 weeks, but I get a few days back, so not complaining at all. Plus D has said we can hopefully do the tour another time. I'm seeing her this evening, can't wait to meet the Doof boy, and I get my new lobster dressy-poos. And she has a flat viewing, so her place'll be super-spiffy.

Monday I was in the gym (well, mostly physio exercises) not long after 6am as I had to drop himself off. Very virtuous indeed, sounds like a good idea, but slowly became more and more tired as the day wore on...........in the Red Door at Elizabeth Arden that evening, I had my facial and massage, and of course, dozed off. Tuesday, I was good for nothing really, so I did my haus-frauing.

Lots on the calendar for the next 2-3 weeks, I've been doing some planning for the girls Paris trip, which is going to be a blast.

Been dilligent with my physio exercises and my eating this week. Hoping for positive results on both.


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