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Le Bon Weekend

Started as soon as I'd made the decision to stop being miz. Boo came home with a pair of Irregular Choice shoes for me, and they fitted. We had a nana nap, but not for long as Saz had a free ticket for Subversion and wanted to come with us. So off we all set for London.

The venue was in a not particularly nice part of Hackney, it didn't feel very safe. The queue was horrendous, they changed their mind last-minute, after we'd waited in line for about 45 minutes, and didn't check photo IDs as they said they would. There were bag and body searches though, I had my chewing gum confiscated - to preserve their floors they said, which I fell for, until we got in and saw the state of the floors, it wasn't red carpet! And we were told to stop soming in the queue, males and females were seperated, so then we had to stand in a large huddle of girls, blocking the door, all waiting for their blokies. Then Sarah's name wasn't on the guest list. And finally, we were in! What a palaver! However, full marks to Mistress Absolute who was bum-kicking and working like a Trojan to get us all in quickly, and gave us a shot of Tequilla as a thank you for waiting. She really did work her arse off.

Inside, 1 dungeon, 1 small medical/rope room, a large dance area, bar and an upstairs chillax zone and couples area. The couples area was pointless, no sex, no nudity, brightly lit and a bod on the door telling you not to do anything coupley. So no point really. The bar was decent enough, £20 for a bottle of wine, not bad for London, although a fiver for a beer was a tad steep, and a few were moaning. Large outdoor smoking area, with some chairs (more please!) mostly occupied by non-smokers because the club was wayyyyy to hot, to the point of humid and sticky. But hey, we enjoyed ourselves. We had a co-topping sesh with Saz. And lots of chats with lovely peeps, Bryn, Syndee, dave from Brighton, Cosmic, Natasha n Robert, Alex, Boo, a splendid looking Mistress Nikki with Matthew (leaving, for the same reason we almost did), The Earl n Tankie, Silver, people we met at last week's private party, and I've probably missed some as it was rammed! Ended up not leaving til 4ish I think. I would go again to that venue, if the door organisation was sorted, and a relaxation on the couples room, needle play and nudity, so we'll see. Not that bad for a very busy night in a new venue though.

Sunday morning I got up and pootled, then decided I wanted sex and breakfast, and got them in that order. We mooched the shops and then had to take the two furry babies to the vet for their jabs, fleas n worming stuff. Mister howled there and back, her Madgesty was a litle lady. Boo paid, which was sweet as I said I'd be responsible for all the catty stuff.

And in the afternoon and evening, we toiled away indoors, cleaning, tidying and Ebaying stuff. Boring, but needed to be done. I was very pleasantly surprised how much boo achieved, he did really well! I'm very appreciative. He did a lot more than I'd asked him to, well done that man!

And then up not long after 5am this morning, to get him to the station for the first train outta dodge, he's up in Scotland now. Today is gonna be a long one as I've treated myself to a lovely facial after work. I think my only outing this week is to visit Donna in Streatham. I really want to concentrate on diet, Pilates and housey stuff. Bloody garden needs doing as always!


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