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Les Miserables

First thing s'mornin I find out boo's going to Scotland with work til Friday, and then away for 2 weeks with the TA straight after. I had hoped to spend some fun/loving time with him this week, before he went away, but it's not to be. I had also hoped to go to LAM market as part of the London Fetish Weekend, but the house is in major dissarray as he's packing for 2 trips now, and so that's today gone. We are still going to Subversion tonight though, and he's found an absolutely perfect cap to match my new latex outfit, which I'm mucho pleased about.

Falling out with a friend, which I think I'll make worse if I try to explain, so I shall leave it a few days and then tackle. She's an important person to me, so tackle it I shall though.

I've wasted this morning really. Not felt like doing much, even turned down breakfast in 'Spoons, I don't think I've ever done that before.

Can't even crack on with some work, because the pootah's were down when I left on Friday, so I couldn't download anything I need, so extra work for me on Monday, which easily could've been cleared today.

So feeling out of sorts really, and miz. I'm sure my universe will find me soon.


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