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Double work, my assistant is on hols, late in due to back classes, and this afternoon, they decided to take the systems down. Arghhh! Having said that, worky-poos going stonkingly well.

Last night was Cosmoba with the girls. Lots of fun, especially the last couple of hours. It's great being able to open up and discuss serious topics as well as the more trivial, fun ones. Meno, holidays, human rights, shoes, wine, boyfriends, work, pills, counselling, clothes, weight, Boris Johnson, I think we gave everything a good going over. Sadly foxxx was unwell again :(

Just remembered that I didn't buy a sailor hat for tomorrow, and I'm really narked cuz I love my outfit. No more money spending for me this month. I just booked us a few days in Sicily next year, plus I have about £300 of cat stuff to pay for, so I am very short this month. A shame, as I'm also looking at another Italian break (I booked the boss into a palazzo in Naples for the Amalfi coast, and immediately wanted to go there) and the gang are doing Corfu in June. I wish I had a LOT more time off work paid, and a bigger bank balance. Ah well.....

Boo got us tix for War Horse on Tuesday, we went with Dawnie and Donna. I adored it. The ballet of the puppetry is simply stunning. Breathtaking in fact. You can hardly believe you aren't looking at real horses. The film was much more explicit, but the stage show really was excellent. Go see if you can. Cried a bit!

No weight loss, but no gain either. The ankle is still dire, so no real gym, so that's the way it's gonna stay for a few weeks I'm guessing. Loved the back pilates class this morning. Only me and 1 other lady, the others failed to pitch, so it was like having a private lesson. Nice physio running it too.

Tonight will be a quiet one, I have asked for dinner and a sofa snuggle, we have been ships in the night this week. But tomorrow is a big Subversion night, should be fun!


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