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So Friday, I whizzed home and cooked my delish chicken curry, the one from The Oval chef for the visiting Sri Lankan cricket team, for boo, Debbie and Kayleigh. Debbie was a tad post-op zonked, off the vino, but we enjoyed ourselves and watched two really bad movies too. Shag was quite funny, but if you get the opportunity to watch Cannibal Girls, just don't.

Saturday morning, doc's at 8.20 in the morning! Discussed what the physio had told me, and the daft mare sat there and looked up my condition on the internet, as she didn't seem to know anything about it. Unreal, and a waste of bloody time. I shall sort it out my own way, the NHS have not only been useless, they have simply wasted MY time.

Saturday night we went to a private party in Norf Lunnun. Met a lot of very interesting people, including a drag artiste, who's invited boo to do a strip show, designers, and new age type chap who went through all my medical stuff (he says it's demons!) and had a good time. Free flowing booze - and drugs, it was almost a shame that neither of us take narcs. Good fun, but we had to leave before 3am as boo is doing Army shite today, he left at 7!

Moi, well, I am trying to summons up the effort to shift my arse away from the PC. So far I have looked at every vintage item going on Ebay, and was delighted to see one of my latex dresses sell for a really good price. I am hosting the local munch at lunch time, so need to get myself in gear soon. Ish! Plan A was to get up with him, go swimming and Ebay more stuff. Didn't happen.

Himself has been on a major tat spree, I am finding stuff all over!


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