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Fun Times!

Sloped off to Hackney last night. It's as shitty and filthy as ever, hasn'r changed much since me deal ole Nan was alive, only less English-speaking people, and of course the hipsters and their tragically overpriced everything. I stopped at a pizza/ice cream place, asked if they did coffee "Yes, but to be honest I don't know how" came back the reply. £2.50 for a bloody Nescafe! Why oh why people want to live there is beyond me.

On to Raizes. Brazillian eat-all-you-like place. Empty at 6pm, busy by 7pm and packed at 8pm. Lots of actual Brazillians eating there, which is always a good sign. The buffet part, the salads/rice/veggies was fairly standard, loved the bean stew things. The waiters come round table to table with meat on skewers, you can have as much as you like, and it's gooood! So good, I actually had to stop. Wine keenly priced, and we both loved the well-made Mojitos at £6. They also do an a la carte offering. If I found myself in that area again, I would certainly re-visit, and you can see all the world pass by their windows too. Service more than adequate, friendly and chatty, this is what casual dining should be about.

Carward to the espacio Gallery, also in Hackney for their opening.It was a "Sea" theme special. Lots of quite eccentric and interesting things to see - and lots of hipsters too. Rod brought me my favourite piece, the artist was there, and we had our photo taken. We were also very naughty in the film area and drank quite a lot of the free wine. A bally good result all round.

Over the road was lady Dinah's Cat Emporium, but we couldn't get in fully bloody booked *wahhhhh*. It's still on the to-do list!

Tonight I'm cooking dins for friends at home. Must dash!


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