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Today was Joy's funeral, and I would've really liked to have gone. But this morning, my foot was f*cked. Spent half the day chasing the surgery instead, that was great. Still haven't gotten anywhere, unless frustration is a place name somewhere. All this back-related crap, has dragged on and on for years now. I'm now in an acceptable weight range, I'm relatively fit, I watch what I eat, and yet still things don't seem to improve. I am storming the surgery to demand an MRI scan tomorrow, but this is all taking up so much time.

Debs goes for breast cancer sugery tomorrow, and of course I'm worried, although she's fitter than a butcher's dog. I took her out for a very simple meal at 'Spoons last night, we had a good laugh - but she was a bit daft and came back here to drink quite a lot of Jim Beam n Coke. I'm glad I didn't! Hope all goes well for her tomorrow, she'll be in my thoughts.

Cats were lovely all day, but this evening, pure evil! I've put the boy out, I don't want to listen to his yeowling any more. Madge has tipped food and water all over the kitchen floor, they've both chucked kitty litter ALL down the hallway, and as for the super-stinky shits..............

Been grumpy with boo, even when he was being nice, although I'm super-pissed-off with the TA shite yet again. What a waste of time.

Bahhhhh humbug.


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