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Is my word du jour today.

I haven't dieted this week, but I have been circumspect about what I've been eating, so I'm hoping for the teensiest reward when I weigh in tomorrow. A no change would be acceptable.

I have also been circumspect about boo's house mess, because he did tidy out the conservatory last weekend. But there's lots on the lawn and the pink room still needs to be tackled. But he's in my good books cuz he came home with a bouquet and lots of wine last night! I'm easily pleased in some respects, incredibly impossible in others.

I've been circumspect about friends.

My assistant is having 3 weeks holiday, whilst boo is away on his TA holidays, which means double bubble at home and at work for me. Ho ho ho.

Been checking online prices for Champix as I'm thinking about stopping smoking (or trying to again), but £300 ain't cheap! And of course when himself is away, I have to spend a lot more money, and I have a lot more stress, so perhaps I'll leave that idea well alone!

Hoping to get my x-ray results later this afternoon. Although I know what it is and what I need to do to make it improve. I'm so much more into self-help than the NHS, which is a poxy lump of shite really. Apart from Physio, that's good, and helpful.

Various plans floating about for the weekend, some weather-dependant, which isn't looking good. It's getting much chillier now, and I feel alost that summer has just ebbed, and we haven't done much.


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