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Sunday morning (well, 1pm in the afternoon actually!) I woke up with AWFUL back pain, which I wrote off as sleeping in a funny position or whatever. Not so sure now, as it's still lingering. And my ankle, OMG that hurts. I am seriosuly going to have to go back to the Doc, I can't put up with it any more, it's making me miserable, the constant pain and hobbling about, plus the strong painkillers are starting to upset my stomach, arghhh! Apart from that, did precious little on Sunday really, collected boo, cooked a nice dinner and scoffed sweets! A nice, relaxing day, not a lot done or planned.

Last night I went to Trader Vic's at the Hilton with foxxx. Good job I'd taken one of my trusty pac-a-macs, as 5 mins into walking down Park Lane, the heavens opened, and then it started hailing. Couldn't believe how much water dropped in a few minutes. Arrived looking most unglamorous, foxxx already perched on a bar stool with a vino to hand. Started off with Cosmo Tidbits, crispy prawns, crab Rangoon, char siu pork, BBQ spare ribs, and jolly lovely it was, most especially the crab rangoon. Followed by Kung Pao chicked, that was simply perfect, and finished with a creme caramel, although I wish I'd had the same essert as her, as hers was lush! All washed down with a crisp, chilled rose. Then a Tahitian Mudslide Gold rum, Baileys, Amaretto, Kahlua and cream, absolutely lovely. And then a Suffering Bastard, just because I liked the name! They don't stint on the alcohol here! Great service, the staff all interact really well with guests, but sadly the place was almost empty. I love the decor, I don't think it's changed since the 80s, and the cheesy music!

So lovely to have foxxx to myself since the first time in aaaages. She's one of my friends that I feel totally at home with, we can both open up and talk uncensored, which is such a positive thing, and I think enables women so much, and gives us the advantage over men. Speaking of which, I found a random in shorts and a sporran, you just have to chat to eccentrics like that!

Just before i went to bed last night, I saw on the BB webby that Robin Williams had taken his own life. That upset me. Such a talented man, and another reminder that talent and creativity seem to walk hand-in-hand with depression, insecurity, addicion and abuse. So sad :(


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